June 4, 2020

Goeka Dual Sensor Aerator

In the times of Covid 19, Goeka introduced this retrofitting for converting regular faucets into sensor faucets thus making it touch free and encouraging safer and better environment for the people. There are two sensors on this fitting i.e. one at the bottom which is for instant ON/OFF  and the other is on the side for regular continuous flow of water. The battery life of this retrofitting device is around 6 months and can be easily charged with any USB cable. The air injection technology also helps in saving water and making it environment friendly. It comes with six fittings for different thread sizes of faucets. Here is a video link for its demonstration !

Goeka Dual Sensor Aerator
Chrome Dual Sensor Aerator

Here is another variant for the retrofitting device !

  • Side Sensor for regular Flow
  • Front Sensor for Instant ON/OFF
  • USB Chargeable
  • Long Battery Life (Up to 9 months)
  • Chrome Plated ABS Body
  • Can be installed on almost all the faucets.

( 5 Fittings and USB Wire Included)


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