June 19, 2021

Goeka 15 Stages Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water

WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FALLING HAIR AND DRY SKIN – Use this filter in your shower to get rid of your water woes

PURIFIES YOUR WATER AND PROTECTS YOUR SKIN AND HAIR – Goeka shower filter with 15 stages contains the right combination of high purity KDF, Calcium Sulphite, Active Carbon and Vitamin C which neutralizes harmful Chlorine. It also removes harmful organic matter and dilutes hard salts and has anti-bacterial effect. Mineral stones and alkaline ball – recharges water with minerals and sets the pH just right to smoothen your skin and hair.

EASY TO INSTALL (SELF INSTALLATION – DIY) – The filter has universal ½ inch inlet and outlet for direct installation to all kind of showers. For tap installation, a connector may be required. Contact customer care for connector requirement.

HIGH CAPACITY – Each cartridge will last for 60,000 litres of water (or about 7 – 8 months). If your water has higher impurity level then cartridge would need to be changed more often. It wont reduce existing water pressure


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